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Technology and the big questions


We facilitate conversations about the impact of "digital" on the way we communicate, work and learn. Building yet another app or web portal doesn't do the trick, we're all about creating experiences in the real world.
Today, businesses of all sizes are looking to build data-driven & hyperconnected business models like Uber, AirBnb, Expedia. They want to offer amazing services, great end user experiences - and ultimately, become true innovators and stay ahead of the competition. How do they get there? And how can they find a balance between keeping their legacy and allowing change?
More and more aspects of our lives are moving into the digital space and we are confronted with unprecedented questions. Drones, self-driving cars, ransomware, digital identities, Wikileaks, the increasing pace of innovation and the impact on culture, safety, privacy, education and the workplace. Problems that are impossible to solve with yet another app or web portal.

Finding solutions, together


We're a growing team of passionate, purpose-driven & well-connected professionals working at the intersection of people & technology. What drives us is the quest for answers, the desire to give back to the community and making a local impact. Through open collaboration & communication combined with deep expertise and appreciation for both sides of the story, we can tackle the big questions together. We offer consulting, mentorship, help with professional development & career advice, connecting people and organizing meaningful events.



We're looking for you

Sotong Kitchen is a nonprofit organization with no monetary rewards. We offer work with purpose and great opportunities to meet interesting people, grow your expertise and help make an impact on the community and peoples' lives. If our story speaks to you in any way, please reach out and let's have a conversation on how you would like to help. Let us make sure it counts!

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